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The SCeTGo project aims at the integration of the AR technology in science teaching both in formal & informal educational environments in order to facilitate lifelong learning by offering to learners the opportunity to gain exposure to everyday science in a way that is appropriate to their individual level of understanding.

The SCeTGo introduces an ICT-enabled learning approach that has the following innovative characteristics:
a) Makes use of advanced visualization technologies (AR) that not only have the potential to enrich the learners optical view with relevant information but also allow the learners to interact dynamically with the miniature exhibits
b) Is easy to operate. As it is based on common devices there are no real obstacles that a potential learner has to overcome in order to use the system.
c) Promotes an inquiry-based and experiential learning approach. Learners experience science first hand at their own leisure and engage in activities where information is discovered by them rather than passively transmitted to them. By interacting with the miniature exhibits learners they can not only visualize invisible physical quantities but can also control the conditions that need to be met in order for an phenomenon to occur (e.g. learners by rotating a miniature wing, namely the prototype MiniWing, at different angles can see through the augmentation of the airflow on the wing why planes fly)
d) Demonstrates the possibilities that students will experience in the future during their educational training in respect to AR technological applications.
e) Promotes the importance of science to all European citizens through a journey of entertainment & learning.
f) Contributes to the development of a new generation of citizens who are scientifically literate and thus better prepared to function in a world that is increasingly influenced by science & technology
g) Offers a modern science centre experience outside the walls of the science centre in school classrooms
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