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There is sufficient evidence to suggest that both the persistence and the quality of learning are highly enhanced when the potential learner is actively participating in the learning process [S. Papert, 1994, M. Resnick, 1993]. Science Centers (SC) adopt this philosophy by offering intriguing exhibits that enable their visitors to experience science first hand by actively manipulating the experiments, thus delivering natural ways of active playful learning. Modern technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) are often used to enrich the experience and display otherwise hidden phenomena. However, experiencing mixed reality requires visiting the SC.

The SCeTGo approach goes one step further and aims to bring similar comprehensive learning experiences out of the SC into a school's classroom and/or everyone's home. Its miniature exhibits - by "fitting into a pocket" and operating with ordinary hardware - enable learners to experiment whenever and wherever they please. This way the consortium makes full use of the powerful capabilities offered by tailor-made exhibits combined with AR.

The SCeTGo project builds upon the work performed in the very successful project, CONNECT ( where an AR system was developed, extensively tested and evaluated in science centres in UK, Sweden, Greece and Finland with school students.

 In the framework of SCeTGo the consortium aims to:
a) develop a series of miniature exhibits that will illustrate various physical phenomena enabling learners to visualize the invisible through AR technology
b) develop a pedagogical framework that attempts to blend informal and formal learning and to situate learning in real- world contexts
c) develop advanced pedagogical scenarios that are shaped around a mission guided by a general scientific question
d) pilot, to validate and to demonstrate the SCeTGo approach in formal & informal educational environments
e) facilitate lifelong learning and to improve quality of learning
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